Eros and Maxi Vita are expecting babies by the end of December!

Very good news! This morning the Ultrasound confirmed that Maxi Vita, on the right, is pregnant from Eros, on the left.

She is expecting her babies at the end of December. This was actually planned for Januari, but they might come a little bit earlier.

I am so excited about this, since I know what they might have been cooking together, accordingly to their DNA profiles.

Eros is a beautiful white-looking (white with cream) Tuxedo boy with black pigmentation. He has a perfect and easy coat. Eros was imported from Australian 2 years ago. Maxi Vita is an extremely red girl with deep black pigmentation and a beautiful easy coat. She is a Redd-line (with double d) out of my breeding lines. Both of them extraordinarily soft in character. All puppies have already an owner waiting for them to be born.